Who’s actually better, City or Victory

Melbourne City are clearly the best team in the A-League, and, as such, they should just, by default, be given the A-League title…hang on, that’s not fair, those stingy people at the A-League headquarters won’t actually let City win on default. But, obviously, given the most spectacular game in A-League history is about to begin against Melbourne Victory, it would be good to make a set of comparisons between the two Melbourne sides. I’m using the wonderful A-League Live app for this. It’s very good, so, here goes…

City has an older average age than Victory, 26.07 to 24.81. Most of Victory’s players are in the 20-22 age bracket, while most of City’s are 23-26. They both have the same average height, 179.3cm, but Victory’s players are 3kg heavier.

Victory has scored 18 more goals than City, despite City having 106 more shots. 35.8% of City’s shots are on target, compared to Victory’s 39.6%. They both have similar amounts of penalties won, but the most ridiculous stat in favour of victory is that they have had nearly half as few of their shots blocked as City. City has made 68 headers, compared to Victory’s 42.

Both teams have similar amounts of passes, around 420 per game, but City has more long balls, crosses and shots. Victory’s passes are 2% more accurate than City’s, but both teams have a record of 89% in the backline.

And, as for fouls, Victory has 16 per game, compared to City’s 15. The yellow card tally is also very close, with Victory recieving 58 and City 56.

All of these stats could come in handy on Friday night, but we are yet to see. I can guarantee one thing, though: when Melbourne City wins, a particular newspaper formed in 1990 will cry that Melbourne Victory was unjustly handicapped by the referees, and that one of City’s goals shouldn’t have counted. #thepapersarebiased


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