Legend of the Week #1: Jack Billings

OK, I’m hopeless. The very first Legend of the Week award is late. But, it must go on.

I was at the Bulldogs-St Kilda game on Sunday, and I very much enjoyed the first half. We kept them to two goals for the entire first half, and I was like, “Yay, woohoo!” and all that stuff. After all, we were 55 points up.

And then, the second half. What the hell happened, Bulldogs? We kicked three goals for the entire half, and St Kilda kicked twelve to go on to win. It was immensely heartbreaking having to watch from the sidelines.

The Legend of the Week award then goes to Jack Billings of the Saints. He kicked three goals in the last quarter to help knock the Saints over the line. As much as it irks me to say this…he did play brilliantly.

He is now my least favourite AFL player.

Before then, I didn't really care.
Riewoldt because of 2009, Franklin because of his attitude problems, and Billings because he ruined my outlook on this season.

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