FFA Cup: The NSW Teams

On Tuesday and Wednesday night, there was a vast plethora of options for soccer fans. They could mull over the A-League Grand Final, root for their favourite European teams in the Champions League, or work out what their team needs to stay safe in the Premier League (my Foxes need four points to guarantee it, and they play Sunderland and QPR. I’m getting ready for 2015-16…). I, however, took none of those options.

I was on Futbol24, keeping track of the scores in the FFA Cup Qualifiers for New South Wales. The results have been finalised, so we now know the five teams from NSW who will be entering the 32-team competition. I now present, a guide to all of them.

Balmain Tigers

Founded in 1987. Have to compete with a rugby team with the same name. Went from their regional competition in NSW Div 8 to Div 1 in the space of 20 years. Black and orange, but the rest of the district is black and gold. One to watch.

Blacktown City FC

Second time around at the FFA Cup. Founded in 1953 as Toongabbie, which sounds hysterical. Mat Ryan used to play for them. Won the NSW Premier League in 2007. Have a small Wikipedia article.

Rockdale City Suns

Founded by a bunch of Macedonians in 1969. Last won the League in 1984. 9 of their past ten coaches have names that end in -ovich or -vski. Red and black, despite the fact the Sun is neither. A large Wiki article. Supporters are called the Suns Army.

Sydney Olympic FC

Also veterans of the Cup. Sometimes get crowds better than A-League or GWS games. Named Sydney Olympic, despite having nothing to do with the Olympics. Founded by Greeks in the 1950s. Won the 2001/02 NSL. Brett Emerton and Mark Bosnich are former players. Have an insanely big Wiki article.

Sydney United 58 FC

The 58 is because they were founded in 1959 1958 by Croatians (Macedonians, Greeks, Croatians…we could host a Balkan World Cup here). Like Croatia at the World Cup, veterans. Sister club to the Melbourne Knights, who are also Croatians. Their home uniform is red, white and blue like the Croatian flag. Ex-National Soccer League, which should really be Australia and Various Balkan Countries including Croatia Soccer League. Competes in an Australia-Croatia soccer tournament. Have a heck of a lot of ex-players who became internationals, for Australia and Croatia. I’ve said Croatia in every sentence.


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