The All-Time Minnow World Champion (a sneak book from the book)

I love minnows. I love seeing the teams that no-one expects do well. One of my favourite moments of the 2015 World Cup was seeing Afghanistan conquer Scotland in the last over. It was a glorious moment. Unfortunately, the ICC doesn’t. More on that later in the book.

So, I decided that it would be good establishing a record of the all-time minnow world champion. This includes the ODI and T20I records of all sides who don’t have test status, as well as Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, and Bangladesh before they reached Test status. The results are here.

  1. Papua New Guinea, 100%*
  2. Ireland, 52.26%
  3. Nepal, 50%*
  4. Afghanistan, 48.68%
  5. Netherlands, 43.33%
  6. Scotland, 34.76%
  7. Kenya, 29.78%
  8. Sri Lanka (to 1982), 28.57%
  9. Canada, 23.44%
  10. United Arab Emirates, 18.52%
  11. Bermuda, 18.42%
  12. Hong Kong, 16.67%
  13. Zimbabwe (to 1992), 10%
  14. Bangladesh (to 2000), 7.32%
  15. East Africa, 0%*
  16. Namibia, 0%
  17. United States of America, 0%*

*have played less than five games at international level

This table pleads a compelling case for associate teams. The fact that five associate teams have better records than Sri Lanka did before becoming a Test side surely gives the ICC reason to expand the Test game. In fact, Ireland has a better winning rate than New Zealand! I guess it should come as no surprise to learn that Ireland wants to play Test cricket. The ICC should allow all of these teams the ability to play Test level matches, in order to increase the overall growth of the game. After all, it worked for FIFA.


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