Ashes Tuneups: What Effect Do They Have?

As I speak, England is playing New Zealand in preparation for the Ashes. They’re doing well, they made it to 250 runs without KP.

What effect will this have on their performance in the Ashes?

I’ve analysed the records of Australia and England in Test series prior to the Ashes since 2000, excluding the back to back series in 2013/14, in particular focusing on whether they won or lost the one before the Ashes.

The results are:


  • Win series: 2 Ashes wins from 4 series (50%)
  • Draw series: N/A
  • Lose series: 1 Ashes win from 3 series (33%)


  • Win series: 4 Ashes wins from 5 series (80%)
  • Draw series: 0 Ashes wins from 2 series (0%)
  • Lose series: N/A

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