COMPETITION! Come up with a stat and win!

I made a pointless statistics page earlier today, but, as much as I want to, I can’t just sit around all day and come up with them.

So, I’m having a competition! Come up with the most pointless cricket stat you can think of and win a free copy of The Quirks of Cricket when it comes out!

There are, however, guidelines to be met:

  1. Originality. This can’t be something I could look up on Cricinfo without using the Statsguru tool.
  2. Interestingness. I don’t want to see something like “highest 4th wicket partnership by an Asian team in Europe for ODIs in the 21st century”. It has to actually be interesting.
  3. Content. You need to show the top five for whatever stat you want.

So, send them in. The best ones will get featured on the page, but there can only be one winner.


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