Women’s World Cup: The Permutations (2)

As promised, here is Part 2 of the permutations of the Women’s World Cup.


United States

Needs to avoid defeat against the Nigerians to be assured of qualifying. If they lose by more than two goals and the Swedish beat Australia, they will finish third.


We could finish anywhere from first to fourth. To finish first, we need to beat Sweden and Nigeria beats the USA. For second, we need to not lose and Nigeria needs to not win. For us to finish third, either we lose and the U.S. win, or we draw and Nigeria win by enough. And if Nigeria win and we lose, we will finish fourth.


Needs tø beåt Australia tø be åssured øf quålifying. If they dråw ør løse, they’ll be relying øn the USA tø beåt the Nigerians.


Still in with a chance, but needs to beat the U.S. If they do, they’ll finish at least third. If not, fourth and going home.



Meh. They’re first in the group.

Costa Rica

Plays Brazil. A win ensures that they will finish second. If they draw, but Spain and South Korea also do, they will still finish second. If they draw, but there’s a result in the other game, they finish third.

Spain and South Korea

The winner will finish second or third, the loser will go home.

If it’s a draw, then Spain will be higher, due to their goal difference.

However, if Costa Rica loses by enough, both teams will be in the top three in the event of a draw.



Sits on top. Needs at least a draw with England to qualify. If they lose, they will finish second or third.


If they draw with Colombia, they will finish at least third. A win will put them first or second. If they lose by two more goals than Mexico wins, they finish fourth and go home.

Go Mexico!!!


If they beat Mexico, they will assuredly qualify. If they draw and England loses, they, again, will qualify. If they draw and England wins, they are third. If they lose, they’re fourth.


If they win and England loses, they finish second. If they win and England wins, they finish third. If they don’t win, they are fourth.


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