Me v Starc: A Battle of Epic Proportions

I currently have a grand total of 39 Twitter followers. I know it’s nothing compared to the Caitlyn Jenners of the world (2.6 million followers…for 12 tweets!), but still, that’s a lot more than my age. And more than my friend Alec, who goes by @bobman200. Follow him if you like Minecraft and computers.

But, anyway, that makes me proud.

Mitchell Starc dominated the 2014-15 summer, taking a total of 22 wickets at an average of 10 during the World Cup. However, that’s still less than I have Twitter followers.

So, I came up with a batty idea.

While Starc hopefully tears through every man, woman and child in England and Wales, I will be frantically tapping away on my keyboard, posting witty diatribes in less than 140 characters, and competing with Starc.

I am going to try and get more Twitter followers over Australia’s tour of the British Isles than Mitchell Starc takes wickets.

Wish me luck, and you can see how we’re going on the useless statistics page.


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