The WBBL Is Coming

In early December, women’s cricket will take a big step forward with the first games of the Women’s Big Bash League!

I am looking forward to this.

There are only really three sports where the women’s teams get nearly as much publicity as the men’s:

  • Netball (because no men play it)
  • Tennis (which, admittedly, has a lot of people annoyed at the persistent grunting)
  • Soccer (particularly in the USA after they won the Women’s World Cup…but some people took it too far…

 I like how they've chosen to refer to the bombing of an army base from 1941 than losing to them in a penalty shootout in 2011. 

For too long, women’s cricket has been languishing in the backwaters of sport, with minimal crowd numbers and media attention. Now, it gets broadcast on free-to-air television (well, parts of it), and can help bring some much-needed publicity to women’s cricket. This is big news, on a par with the ability to play as women’s teams in FIFA 16.

They had the launch in Sydney today, and each team made one big signing:


Elysse Perry looks like a girl who used to be on my footy team.
Left to right: Elysse Perry (Syd6), Megan Schutt (Ade), Holly Ferling (Bri), Sarah Elliott (MelR), Meg Lanning (MelS), Julie Hunter (Hob), Jess Cameron (Per) and Rene Farrell (SydT).
I followed both the Renegades (@RenegadesWBBL) and the tournament as a whole (@WomensBBL), and I can’t wait for December.

Go Renegades!


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