Unofficial Club Soccer World Championships v2.0, Part 1

Earlier on in the blog’s history, I made a post on the UCSWC. However, that didn’t work out, and it would stay in England for a ridiculously long time.

So, I decided I’d change it up a bit, by starting with the 1955-56 European Cup, which was won by Real Madrid.

Starting from June 13, 1956, the day Real beat Stade Riems 4-3 in the final, here’s how the title made its way through Europe…

Except, I’ve had to do a bit of fudging.

For some dumb reason, they don’t have a full list of 1956-57 results for Real Madrid, listed in order. I mean, how preposterous!

Anyway, by looking at this chart, Real lost twice to Atlético de Madrid, so it makes sense to give them the title next. From then on, we go to 1957-58, and continue our march onwards.

  • 1957-58: Atlético de Madrid didn’t lose to any team twice, not at European Cup
  • 1958-59: Atlético de Madrid lost to Athletic de Bilbao twice
  • 1959-60: Athletic de Bilbao lost to Sevilla FC twice
  • 1960-61: Sevilla FC lost to Real Madrid twice, Real Madrid champions…

And then that led to:

  • 23 November 1960: Barcelona 2:1 Real Madrid (European Cup)
  • 31 May 1961: Benfica 3:2 Barcelona (European Cup)

So, it heads out of Spain for the first time in 1961, if only to go across the border to Portugal. They then went on to win the 1961-62 Cup, so it remains with them.


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