The Plight of a Lonely Foxes Fan

There are some teams that everyone supports.

In the AFL, these are Collingwood, Hawthorn, and Richmond,

In the A-League, it’s Melbourne Victory.

In the EPL, these are both Manchester teams, Chelsea, and Liverpool.

Not many people I know are EPL fans, but when they are, they support one if those four.


There are some teams that no-one supports.

In the AFL, it’s GWS.

In the A-League, it’s Wellington Phoenix.

And in the EPL, there are many.

One of them is Leicester City.


This time last year, I sat down, made a list of the EPL teams, and narrowed them down to find a team to support.

I crossed off Manchester United immediately, and eventually narrowed it down to five teams.

From that five, it went down to two.

Crystal Palace and Leicester City.

Those two were both up and coming, had both finished runner-up in the FA Cup once and had both never won the top division.

Palace had an Australian as captain, Mile Jedinak.

Leicester had gone from the third division to the Premier League in five years.

That was close, but two things tipped it in Leicester’s favour.

One, they had a Dane in their side: Kasper Schmeicel.

Two, the had the nickname of the Foxes.

I had a bizarre obsession with foxes when I was seven.

I picked them.


At my primary school, I had a mate.

He supported Manchester United.

Leicester beat them 5-3 in 2014-15.

I rubbed it in his face. I enjoyed it.


Two days ago, I saw a photo on Twitter.

It saddened me immensely.
Leicester and the Outer Hebrides.

They are the only areas where Leicester games are the most watched.


The EPL season starts soon.

One team, Manchester City, is playing in Melbourne right now.

Why didn’t I support them?

It would have made sense. The people who own them also own my beloved Melbourne City.


My uncle supports Liverpool.

My best friend supports Man United.

I know people who support Chelsea.

I know no one who supports Leicester.

I just need to know that there is one person, one solitary sports fan in the entire city of Melbourne, who is a fellow Foxes fan.

Let me know.


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