Adam Goodes Does Not Deserve This

Australia is a country of racist bullies. I can tell that you object to that immensely. Australia is a multicultural society, how can we be racist? Ask Adam Goodes that. ***** Cast your mind back to May 2013. Friday night. Indigenous Round. Sydney v Collingwood at the MCG. Number 37 in the red and white is enjoying the game. This round is for him and his people. A 13-year old girl in the crowd calls out. “Dirty ape!” She has probably grown up in a white society, never seeing an indigenous Australian. She thinks it is funny. Goodes stops, looks at the ground, and points. This girl becomes the most hated in Australia. For once, everyone is on Goodes’ side. ***** Australia Day, 2014. Adam Goodes has won the Australian of the Year award. He uses his speech to call out Australia, telling them racist attitudes must stop. He gets caned by everyone. Why is the Australian of the Year insulting the very country who voted him it? He is simply speaking the inconvenient truth. ***** Sydney v Gold Coast. 2015. Adam Goodes marks uncontested on a wing. Booooooooooooooooo… The boos start. Thousands of people. Some do it for racism, most do it because it’s what everyone else is doing. Either way, it is wrong. ***** Sydney v Carlton. Adam Goodes kicks a goal. He then runs up to a group of Carlton supporters that were booing him and does an indigenous war dance. I loved it. Others hated it. ***** Adam Goodes has been booed everywhere he goes since then. On Sunday, his teammate Lewis Jetta had had enough. He replicated Adam’s dance. He did not get booed because of it. ***** We are not booing Adam Goodes because we are racists. If we were, we would be booing Jetta. We would be booing Cyril Rioli. We would be booing half of the Socceroos because they’re immigrants. Adam Goodes is being victimised. He is being bullied. He didn’t train today, and may not play against Adelaide. You must be really upset if you need to miss a game. And it’s all because of us, the idiotic, racist fans. Good job, Australia.

NEXT DAY EDIT: It’s been announced that Goodes¬†is considering retirement. This is too much. So much, in fact, that I’ve had to make an entire emergency podcast about it.¬†


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