Legend of the Week #12: Dustin Martin

And in case you’re wondering where Legends 8, 9, 10, and 11 were, they were in here.

Dustin Martin won this week’s Legend of the Week award. The Richmond Tigers lost to Fremantle by two points, which was good for me for two reasons: one, I got a footy tip right, and two, the Bulldogs could end up finishing fifth, which would be really awesome.

During the second quarter of the game, Martin got a water bottle from a trainer…

Did he not notice that the umpire was there?

…and then squirted it into Lee Spurr’s face.

To be honest, it was pretty funny.

Martin was immensely surprised to find out that that was enough to give away a free kick…

I like how Martin isn't even looking at the umpire when he raises his hand to call the free kick.

…but given that Fremantle was already taking a set shot, it became a 50 metre penalty, which Chris Mayne converted.

This could end up being the 50-metre penalty that cost Richmond their season. If they’d beaten Fremantle, they’d be in the top four by now.

This makes you wonder how often things like this happen in the AFL. Now I just really want to try this in junior footy.

Good job, Dustin. Good job.

[NOTE: Originally, this was Legend #11, but then I noticed that Kyah Simon had won Legend of the Week, but it hadn’t been categorised in Legend of the Week. I’ve fixed this.]


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