Legend of the Week #13: Stewart Crameri

The Western Bulldogs…wooooooooooooooo!

Let’s start again.

The Western Bulldogs beat Essendon…heck yes!

Sorry, I’m just so happy about this, it’ll be hard to focus.


The Western Bulldogs beat Essendon by 87 points on the weekend!

That’s a lot. In fact, the Bulldogs haven’t won by that much since…so long ago I can’t remember, probably in 2010.

That’s awesome. And it gets better.

Stuart Crameri kicked seven goals, the last Bulldogs player who did that was Barry Hall, again in 2010.

Still, it could get more awesome, and it does.

It was against his old team, the Essendope Drug Cheats Essendon Bombers. And there’s nothing better than dominating against your old club.

And yet…

And yet…


Yep, Stuart Crameri 7.2.44 d Essendon 5.10.40. That was the crowning jewel in what was truly a (pardon the pun) dog of a day for the Dopes Dons.


[EDIT: I showed this to someone, they pointed out that ‘awesomer’ isn’t a word, and threatened to write a comment about it. I changed it to ‘more awesome’. Thanks.]


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