EPL Elo: #1, Beginnings

So, the English Premier League began on the weekend, and it was good to see the mighty Foxes get off to a win.

So, I figured, given the season had just started, it’d be good to add a ranking system mainly used for other sports (chess, I’m looking at you).

The Elo Ratings system.

(Sorry about the cliffhanger that made you have to click a link, casual viewers.)

Basically, the Elo gives you a better reward for beating better teams, so, beating Chelsea is worth more than beating Bournemouth.

Using this amazingly indepth article, I set up an Excel calculation system for Elo ratings, and began to set upon ranking the Premier League teams.

It’ll all be pretty static for the first few weeks, but things will get interesting.

Nonetheless, here are the rankings after Week 1.

Aston Villa 2016
Crystal Palace 2016
Leicester City 2016
Liverpool 2016
Manchester City 2016
Manchester United 2016
West Ham United 2016
Chelsea 2000
Everton 2000
Newcastle United 2000
Southampton 2000
Swansea City 2000
Watford 2000
Arsenal 1984
Bournemouth 1984
Norwich City 1984
Stoke City 1984
Sunderland 1984
Tottenham Hotspur 1984
West Bromwich Albion 1984

All of the winners are on 2016 points, all of the losers are on 1984, and the drawers sit at 2000.

Get back to you next week.


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