UCSWC v2.0, Part 3: The 1970s

Last time, it went to Dutch club Feyenoord, who had won the 1970 European Cup. They came first in the 1970-71 Eridivisie as well…but their European Cup campaign was horrible, they lost in the first round to UTA Arad, from Romania. Continuing in throughout the Cup:

  • 21 October 1970: UTA Arad 0:3 Red Star Belgrade (YUG)
  • 10 March 1971: Red Star Belgrade 2:3 Carl Zeiss Jena (DGR)
  • 24 March 1971: Carl Zeiss Jena 0:4 Red Star Belgrade
  • 28 April 1971: Red Star Belgrade 0:3 Panathinaikos (GRE)
  • 2 June 1971: Panathinaikos 0:2 Ajax (NED)

So, it stays Dutch. And it stays that way for a long time, as Ajax lost one game for the year and went undefeated on their way to the next year’s European Cup. And the next year’s. But in 1973-74, they lost…in the second round.

  • 7 November 1973: Ajax 0:2 CSKA September Flag/Sofia (BUL)

OK, we’ve hit the crossroads. From now on, I’m just letting you know…in the event of two-leg playoffs, the winning team for the two legs will be the winner for these purposes. So, onwards:

  • March 1974: CSKA Sofia 3:5 Bayern Munich (GER)

Munich would go on to win the Cup. But they had a terrible 1974-75, finishing tenth in the Bundesliga. They lost twice to the fourth-placed team, Hamburger SV, who took the title to the 1975-76 UEFA Cup (our modern-day Europa League). They made it to the semi-finals, before losing to Club Brugge, our first Belgian team. But, on 19 May, 1976, they drew 1-1 to Liverpool, thus taking it off mainland Europe and across the English Channel.

English soccer is awesome. It’s got the match result for like, every top division match, with the date, venue, and all other sorts of stuff.

And, as such, we can make the path a lot clearer.

  • 28 August 1976 (League): Liverpool 1:2 Birmingham City
  • 31 August (League Cup): Birmingham City 1:2 Blackpool (annoyingly, they’re second division)
  • Blackpool lost twice to Oldham United
  • 10 January 1978 (FA Cup): Oldham Athletic 1:2 Luton Town
  • 31 January (FA Cup): Luton Town 0:4 Millwall
  • 11 March (FA Cup): Millwall 1:6 Ipswich Town
  • 19 August (League): Ipswich Town 1:2 West Bromwich Albion
  • 16 September (League): West Bromwich Albion 2:3 Derby County
  • 30 September (League): Derby County 0:3 Norwich City
  • 7 October (League): Norwich City 1:4 Liverpool
  • 28 October (League): Liverpool 0:1 Everton
  • 1 November (UEFA Cup): Everton 2:2 Dukla Prague (CZE) (away goals)
  • 21 March 1979 (UEFA Cup): Dukla Prague 1:2 Hertha BSC Berlin (GER)
  • 24 April (UEFA Cup) Hertha BSC Berlin 2:2 Red Star Belgrade (YUG)
  • 23 May (UEFA Cup): Red Star Belgrade 1:2 Borussia Mönchengladbach (GER)

So, heading in to the 1980s, Borussia Mönchengladbach holds the title. I’ll return with the 1980s results in a week or so.


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