EPL Elo: #3, Off-to-good-starts

In case you haven’t noticed, every title is one word that ends in s.

We’ve played 3 games in the Premier League, and my beloved Leicester City sits second, one of six undefeated teams.

Considering the others are the Manchester sides, Liverpool, Swansea, and (surprise, surprise!) Watford, I’ll give this a pass mark.

The updated table:

# Team Rating Difference
1 Manchester City 2046 no change
2 Leicester City 2030 no change
3 Manchester United 2030 up 1
4 Liverpool 2029 down 1
5 Crystal Palace 2015 no change
6 Swansea City 2014 no change
7 Arsenal 2002 up 2
8 Chelsea 2001 up 2
9 Everton 2001 down 2
10 Norwich City 1999 down 2
11 Watford 1998 up 1
12 Bournemouth 1986 up 1
13 Newcastle United 1986 up 4
14 Tottenham Hotspur 1986 up 1
15 Southampton 1985 up 3
16 Stoke City 1985 level
17 Aston Villa 1984 down 3
18 West Ham United 1983 down 7
19 Sunderland 1970 level
20 West Bromwich Albion 1969 level

It’s rather interesting to note that most teams are within 2 spots of where they would be, with only Newcastle, Southampton, Aston villa, and West Ham the real surprises.

Oh, and for those of you who want to know about how performances in European competition will affect this, the answer is: it won’t, due to the fact that no non-English teams have a rating.

And in the unlikely event that I’m able to continue this into next season, the Elo ratings of the promoted teams will be set equal to the average rating of the relegated teams.


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