Where’s The Best A Team From Your Country Has Finished in the UEFA Champions League?


It’s taken me a fair bit of work, but I’ve made an incredible chart.

It has every country in UEFA on it.

And for all of those who’ve had teams make at least the last 16, I’ve put their best finish on this chart.

I will work on it some more, so it has every country whose best is the last 32 (Israel will then be included thanks to Macabbi Tel Aviv’s 2015-16 qualification, and if Astana have a win or a goalless draw over APOEL tonight, Kazakhstan will be added to the chart) on it.

But, in the meantime, enjoy.

Country Best Team Year
Albania Round of 16 17 Nëntori Tirana 1982-83
17 Nëntori Tirana 1988-89
Austria Semi-finals Rapid Wein 1960-61
Austria Vienna 1978-79
Belgium Runners-up Club Brugge 1977-78
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bulgaria Semi-finals CSKA Red Flag 1966-67
CSKA September Flag 1981-82
Croatia Round of 16 Hajduk Split 1994-95
Cyprus Quarter-finals APOEL 2011-12
Czech Republic (includes Czechoslovakian results) Semi-finals Dukla Prague 1966-67
Spartak Trnava 1968-69
Denmark Quarter-finals AGF 1960-61
Brøndby 1986-87
England Champions Manchester United 1967-68
Liverpool 1976-77
Liverpool 1977-78
Nottingham Forest 1978-79
Nottingham Forest 1979-80
Liverpool 1980-81
Aston Villa 1981-82
Liverpool 1983-84
Manchester United 1998-99
Liverpool 2004-05
Manchester United 2007-08
Chelsea 2011-12
Faroe Islands
Finland Quarter-finals Kuusysi 1985-86
France Champions Marseille 1992-93
Germany (includes West German results) Champions Bayern Munich 1973-74
Bayern Munich 1974-75
Bayern Munich 1975-76
Hamburg 1982-83
Borussia Dortmund 1996-97
Bayern Munich 2000-01
Bayern Munich 2012-13
Greece Runners-up Panathinaikos 1970-71
Hungary Semi-finals Vasas 1957-58
Vasas ETO Győr 1964-65
Újpesti Dózsa 1973-74
Iceland Round of 16 Valur 1967-68
Italy Champions Milan 1962-63
Internazionale 1963-64
Internazionale 1964-65
Milan 1968-69
Juventus 1984-85
Milan 1988-89
Milan 1989-90
Milan 1993-94
Juventus 1995-96
Milan 2002-03
Milan 2006-07
Internazionale 2009-10
Luxembourg Round of 16 Jeunesse Esch 1959-60
Jeunesse Esch 1963-64
Malta Round of 16 Sliema Wanderers 1971-72
Netherlands Champions Feyenoord 1969-70
Ajax 1970-71
Ajax 1971-72
Ajax 1972-73
PSV Eindhoven 1987-88
Ajax 1994-95
Northern Ireland Quarter-finals Linfield 1966-67
Norway Quarter-finals Rosenborg 1996-97
Poland Semi-finals Legia Warsaw 1969-70
Widzew Łódź 1982-83
Portugal Champions Benfica 1960-61
Benfica 1961-62
Porto 1986-87
Porto 2003-04
Republic of Ireland Round of 16 Dundalk 1979-80
Romania Champions Steaua București 1985-86
Russia (includes Soviet results) Semi-finals Dynamo Kyiv 1976-77
Dynamo Kyiv 1986-87
Spartak Moscow 1990-91
San Marino
Scotland Champions Celtic 1966-67
Serbia (includes Yugoslavian results) Champions Red Star Belgrade 1990-91
Spain Champions Real Madrid 1955-56
Real Madrid 1956-57
Real Madrid 1957-58
Real Madrid 1958-59
Real Madrid 1959-60
Real Madrid 1965-66
Barcelona 1991-92
Real Madrid 1997-98
Real Madrid 1999-2000
Real Madrid 2001-02
Barcelona 2005-06
Barcelona 2008-09
Barcelona 2010-11
Real Madrid 2013-14
Barcelona 2014-15
Sweden Runners-up Malmö FF 1978-79
Switzerland Semi-finals Young Boys 1958-59
Zürich 1963-64
Zürich 1976-77
Turkey Semi-finals Galatasary 1988-89
Ukraine Semi-finals Dynamo Kyiv 1998-99

Oh, wow, I’ve made four posts today, all of them about soccer.

Best day ever.


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