Low-Down Centuries

Hey Nick, you like research: Matt Coles just scored 100 batting at 9 in ListA game (Surrey v Kent). Any other List A 100s by a 9?

-AJ Roberts

This came as a surprise to me straight away. You’d think that anyone scoring a century from 9th would be in a Test match.

But you’d be wrong, as I was.

The record for scoring from 9th in a one-day international was 92*, by Andre Russel in 2011 against India. Close, but not the century we want.

What about women’s games?

That’s nowhere near, the record is just 48, by Lucy Doolan for New Zealand in 2009. And in U19 ODIs, Steven Eno’s 55 for PNG in 2010 is as good as it gets.

We’ll have to do some more intensive digging.

Unfortunately, Statsguru only supports international matches, so I can’t just plug my trivia question in and wait for an answer.

And to make matters worse, most domestic ODI tournaments don’t have a clear-cut records section.

Sorry, AJ. If I had better software, I’d be able to give this a real crack, but  for now…


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