The Definitive Preview for the FFA Cup Round of 16, Part 2

Part 1 was here.

Like I wrote then, eight teams, all fighting for something different.

Melbourne Victory wants to go further, build on its quarter-final result in 2014. Same with the Palm Beach Sharks, one of the most successful local clubs in the Cup.

Sydney Olympic fell at the second hurdle last time, eliminated by the Bentleigh Greens. They can’t get revenge on them, but they can beat fellow Melburnians Hume City, newcomers to the stage.

The Western Sydney Wanderers, like Melbourne City and Wellington, fell at the first hurdle last year. Without Adelaide City to beat them, they’re moving tentatively into the last eight.

The NorthEastern MetroStars, Oakleigh Cannons, and Rockdale City Suns are all newcomers. Rockdale is hoping to do what the Queensland Lions could not, and beat an A-League site.

Let’s get into it.

Hume City v Sydney Olympic

Position in their competition

  • Hume City: 5th in Victorian Premier League (Division 2), made semi-finals week 1
  • Sydney Olympic: 4th in New South Wales Premier Division (Division 2), made semi-finals

Previous games

  • Hume City: d Brisbane Strikers 4:3 (aet)
  • Sydney Olympic: d Gungahlin United 1:0

2014 FFA Cup

  • Hume City: failed to qualify, lost in final round of Victorian qualification
  • Sydney Olympic: round of 16

Match preview

I’m looking forward to this match, as another battle between a Victorian and a New South Wales domestic side. We know that Hume City is able to score, given that they managed to score four goals in 120 minutes against the Brisbane Strikers last week. Attacking firepower is something that Sydney may not have. After all, they didn’t score until the 82nd minute v Gungahlin. But on the other hand, they managed to defend well. And the age-old adage is ‘defence wins premierships’. That may be AFL, but it applies equally well here. Sydney Olympic 2:1.

NorthEastern MetroStars v Oakleigh Cannons

Performance in their competition

  • NorthEastern MetroStars: 7th in Football Federation South Australia (Divison 2), missed finals
  • Oakleigh Cannons: 11th in Victorian Premier League (Division 2), missed finals

Previous games

  • NorthEastern MetroStars: d Blacktown City 2:1
  • Oakleigh Cannons: d Far North Queensland 1:1 (5:4 on penalties)

2014 FFA Cup

  • NorthEastern MetroStars: failed to qualify, lost in quarter-finals of South Australian competition
  • Oakleigh Cannons: failed to qualify, lost in fourth round of Victorian competition

Match preview

Well, here’s the game between one of the longest club names in Australian soccer (up there with Western Sydney Wanderers, Central Coast Mariners, and Hakoah Sydney City East) and another Victorian side. We could have five Victorian teams in the quarter-finals, how crazy is that? Mad crazy, bro. Anyway, the NorthEastern MetroStars…I’m just going to call them the NEMS from now on…anyway, the NEMS beat Blacktown City 2:1 in the first round with two late goals, while the Oakleigh Cannons had to beat Far North Queensland, and it took them penalties to do that. And they had the advantage of playing in their native cold Melbourne climate, not hot and sticky Cairns. Both teams have been poor in their domestic competitions, but Oakleigh has been worse, so I’m going with NEMS 2:0.

Rockdale City Suns v Melbourne Victory

Performance in their competition

  • Rockdale City Suns: 6th in Football NSW (Division 2), missed finals
  • Melbourne Victory: 1st in A-League, champions

Previous games

  • Rockdale City Suns: d Perth SC 3:1
  • Melbourne Victory: d Balmain Tigers 6:0

2014 FFA Cup

  • Rockdale City Suns: failed to qualify, lost in fourth round of New South Wales competition
  • Melbourne Victory: quarter-finals

Match preview

Well then…Melbourne Victory has another hopelessly easy game, and should again make it through, proving that not only that Southbank newspaper, but also the FFA, are incessantly biased towards them they are a very good team. Victory has now beaten FFA Cup opponents 6:0 twice, (2014, and 2015) but woe be unto you if your only opinion is “Well, that’s it, they’re going to win.” Last time, after they beat Tuggeranong United 6:0, they lost in the next round to Perth Glory. Alas for me, the Rockdale City Suns are no Perth Glory. Victory 4:0.

Palm Beach v Western Sydney Wanderers

Performance in their competition

  • Palm Beach: 5th in Football Queensland (Division 2), missed finals
  • Western Sydney Wanderers: 9th in A-League, missed finals

Previous games

  • Palm Beach: d South Melbourne 1:1 (8:7 on penalties)
  • Western Sydney Wanderers: d Brisbane Roar 1:0

2014 FFA Cup

  • Palm Beach: Quarter-finals
  • Western Sydney Wanderers: Round of 32

Match preview

Well, the Wanderers are one step ahead of where they were last year, while Palm Beach is one behind. The Wanderers, however, did have other things on their plate in August of last year; namely, destroying every other one of the best teams in Asia on their way to the FIFA Club World Cup (where they failed miserably). Palm Beach, meanwhile, was making easy pickings of 4th-division side Hakoah Sydney City East, and then beat the Saint Albans Saints thanks to a dodgy free kick. It is absolute priority for the Wanderers to win this game, as it is for Palm Beach. I just think that the Wanderers are the better team. Wanderers 3:1.

OK, so there’s my second lot of predictions. Now, let’s see how I did!

My predictions last week

I reckon that the match will come down to the goalkeeping, and Eugene Galekovic is probably better than Vedran Janjetovic, if only on experience. Adelaide 4:3 in extra time.

End result: Adelaide 2:1 in extra time. I did get the margin, the winner, and that it would be decided in ET right. That’s a point.

Mooy is, without a doubt, the X-factor in this game. Alas, Melbourne City doesn’t have enough to support him, and his efforts will be in vain (although, frankly I don’t see why Wellington are allowed to play in our competition. The league is called Football Federation Australia.) Wellington 2:1.

End result: Melbourne City 5:1. I was drastically wrong there, but, to be honest, I don’t care.

Meanwhile, Heidelberg cruised past Broadmeadow Magic, slotting in three goals to leave other teams in no doubt that they’d be able to mix it with the best of them. In fact, I’m going with Heidelberg 2:0.

End result: Heidelberg 2:0. I’m good. I get double points for this.

Perth was, however, unconvincing against Newcastle, requiring penalties to make it through. Despite that, I’m tipping a riot. Perth 4:0.

End result: Perth 1:0 after extra time. Winners correct, but not much else. Half a point.

So, 3 and a half points. If I do say so myself, I’m pretty good at this.


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