The Definitive Preview For The FFA Cup Quarter-Finals, Part 1


Yes, that is right.

Our incredibly long titled segment about the Football Federation Australia knockout competition is back, posting on the semi-finals.

And, in good news for me, there are three Victorian teams competing tonight! #vicpride

And in less good news, one of those three teams is Melbourne Victory. #stuffvictory

Anyway, let’s get into it.

Melbourne Victory v Adelaide United

Position in their competition

  • Victory: 1st in A-League (Division 1), champions
  • United: 3rd in A-League (Division 1), semi-finalists

Previous games

  • Victory: d Balmain Tigers FC 6:0, d Rockdale City Suns 3:2
  • United: d Darwin Olympic SC 6:1, d Sydney FC 2:1

2014 FFA Cup

  • Victory: quarter-finalists
  • United: champions

Last time they met

A-League Round 22

March 21, 2015

Adelaide United 2 (Sánchez 43, Broxham og 74) v Melbourne Victory 2 (Ben Khalfallah 9, Thompson 77)

Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide

Match preview

Woah boy, quite probably the greatest match in the (short) history of the FFA Cup. Let’s look at it like this. Melbourne Victory, champions of the A-League, with the most dominant performance of the decade, perhaps ever, against Adelaide United, undefeated throughout the FFA Cup, probably unlucky not to power through to the A-League final.

Melbourne Victory has one of the best XI’s in Australian soccer history. I hate Victory, and  could recognise eight of their starting 11 against Rockdale. You don’t get that from a supporter from an ardent rival without having something major up your sleeve.

Adelaide, on the other hand, have got probably the third or even second best. Even if you hear nearly nothing of Adelaide down here (curse you, unnamed Melbourne newspaper), I can still recognise the names of four of their players.

Both teams have one heck of a strong attack. Adelaide is using Sergio Cirio, Bruce Djite, and Pablo Sánchez, who combined for 21 goals in the 14/15 A-League. Victory has Fahid Ben Khalfallah, Besart Berisha, and Archie Thompson. They scored 32 goals, and all three have played international football. That’s unheard of outside Europe.

The goalkeeping for both sides is outstanding. Danny Vukovic and Eugene Galekovic both conceded less than 1.3 goals a game in the last A-League season, and both made more than 3.5 saves a game. Outstanding football from the both of them.

This is going to be the greatest game in FFA Cup history, no denying it. However, I just think that Melbourne Victory’s attacking experience will be enough to give them the tiniest of edges. Victory win on penalties (2:2 after extra time).

Hume City v Oakleigh Cannons

Position in their competition

  • Hume City: 3rd in Victorian Premier League (Division 2), semi-finals
  • Oakleigh Cannons: 11th in Victorian Premier League (Division 2), missed finals

Previous games

  • Hume City: d Brisbane Strikers 4:3, d Sydney Olympic 3:1
  • Oakleigh Cannons: d FNQ FC Heat 1:1 (5:4), d MetroStars SC 1:0

2014 FFA Cup

  • Hume City: failed to qualify, lost in final round of Victorian qualification
  • Oakleigh Cannons: failed to qualify, lost in fourth round of Victorian qualification

Last time they met

Victorian Premier League Round 17

20 June, 2015

Hume City FC (Hegarty) 1 d Oakleigh Cannons 0

ABD Stadium Pitch 1, Melbourne

Match preview

Can the Oakleigh Cannons and their adorable logo (if you haven’t seen it, see it now, it’s excellent) beat Hume City and book a spot in the semi-finals? They winner of this match will emulate the Bentleigh Greens in being a regional Victorian side, making their way to the semi-finals of the second-biggest competition in Australia (not as big as the A-League…yet).

Hume City have been excellent with their scoring, completing seven goals in 210 minutes of football. Oakleigh have made just two in the same time. This is all the more odd considering the Hume boys have scored an average of around 1.4 a game in the NPL.

Defence, on the other hand, is a different story. Hume have let in four goals, while Oakleigh’s has been boa-constrictor like, only letting in one (plus four penalties in a shootout, but meh).

They do say that defence wins premierships, but defence is useless if you don’t have the scoring capabilities. For that matter, I think that the winners will be Hume 2:1.

And for those of you wondering, here’s

How I went with my predictions for last week

  • Hume City v Sydney Olympic. And the age-old adage is ‘defence wins premierships’. That may be AFL, but it applies equally well here. Sydney Olympic 2:1. I’m freely admitting I got this one wrong, as Hume won 3:1. Zero points.
  • NEMS v Oakleigh Cannons. Both teams have been poor in their domestic competitions, but Oakleigh has been worse, so I’m going with NEMS 2:0. Again, another I got wrong. Zero points.
  • Rockdale City Suns v Melbourne Victory. Alas for me, the Rockdale City Suns are no Perth Glory. Victory 4:0. Well, I got the winner right, so half a point. Nothing else, though.
  • Western Sydney Wanders v Palm Beach. It is absolute priority for the Wanderers to win this game, as it is for Palm Beach. I just think that the Wanderers are the better team. Wanderers 3:1. Again, winner right, but margin right this time. 1 point.

5 points out of 8 isn’t bad. Let’s see how I go throughout the rest.


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