AFL Finals: Week 3 Predictions

I’m doing it on Thursday because I’ll be away from the Internet for the next few days. Don’t expect any posts, guys, sorry.

That said, I should be back by Tuesday night, and I’ll be doing more or less nothing except posting about the Grand Final.

Anyway, onto this week’s tips.

We are continuing on with the traditional 5, but we’ve added something in to this week: preliminary experience.

Every team here has made a preliminary final in the past 4 seasons: Fremantle in 2013 (and won it), Hawthorn in every year, winning three of them, West Coast in 2011, and North in 2014. So, teams get 0.05 for every preliminary final made, and 0.1 for every one won.

This means that the teams get:

  • Hawthorn +0.35
  • Fremantle +0.1
  • West Coast +0.05
  • N Melbourne +0.05

Based on that, we get the following results:

For those of you who are wondering, yes, this is Excel 2003.

Of course, we still need to add in the score differential like we had last week. I don’t think it’ll make very much difference to the result.

Oh, what do you know? I was right. No difference.

So, the Statscrunch Predictor predicts a Hawthorn v West Coast Grand Final.

So do I. At the moment it’s Predictor 3, me 2.

Looks like we’ll have to see how it goes in the Grand Final.


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