2015 Brownlow Medal Review

Nat Fyfe has done what we said was impossible, and won the Brownlow Medal despite missing 4 games.

Fyfe won the count with 31 votes, and made his way up to the stage to be congratulated by Gillon McLachlan. Matt Priddis was unable to award him the medal, being at a West Coast function in Perth, but 2013 winner Gary Ablett was on hand.

The top 10 was:

  1. Nat Fyfe (Fremantle), 31
  2. Matt Priddis (West Coast), 28
  3. Sam Mitchell (Hawthorn), 26
  4. Josh Kennedy (Sydney), 25
  5. Dan Hannebery (Sydney), 24
  6. Patrick Dangerfield (Adelaide), 22
  7. Dustin Martin (Richmond), 21
  8. David Mundy (Fremantle), 19
  9. Callan Ward (GWS Giants), 19
  10. Todd Goldstein (N Melbourne), 18

And now, here’s some more stuff on last night’s ceremony, as well as the stats.

  • Nat Fyfe’s walking stick. Fyfe managed to play out most of the preliminary final with a broken leg, and was expected to arrive at the Brownlow on crutches. However, he showed up with a walking stick that made him look like Willy Wonka.There's no life I know / To compare with pure imagination... This is, of course, referring to Gene Wilder from the 1970 film. The other option was Johnny Depp, and that was awful.
  • Ablett just short of Harvey. There was talk of whether Gary Ablett would climb up over Robert Harvey on the list of most Brownlow votes in a career. He needed six to tie, and he got five. The tally is:
    1. Gary Dempsey, 218.5
    2. Robert Harvey, 215
    3. Gary Ablett Jr, 214*
    4. Chris Judd, 209
    5. Leigh Matthews, 202
  • The Mitchell ‘leak’. On the AFL website, they were advertising memorabilia celebrating Sam Mitchell’s 2015 Brownlow triumph. As a matter of course, his price plunged from $7 to $3.50. The true reason was that they had six separate ones ready, and some guy running the online shop accidentally sent Mitchell’s up.
  • Opportunistic from Hunt. Taylor Hunt, the Richmond midfielder in his first season since being delisted from Geelong, earned the three votes in the Round 1 Richmond v Carlton game, and decided to tweet a celebration: https://twitter.com/THUNT_28/status/648443540029075456?lang=en
  • afl.com.au a fair way off. Like most of us, the AFL website tipped Nat Fyfe to win the Brownlow. However, most of the rest was off. The AFL’s top 5 was:
    1. Nat Fyfe, 30
    2. Sam Mitchell, 23
    3. Josh Kennedy, 21
    4. Todd Goldstein, 21
    5. Dan Hannebery, 20

    They completely underscored Matt Priddis (18 votes predicted) and gave Robbie Gray 19 votes compared to the actual 13 he received.

  • The top 5 on a chart. The most impressive parts are Fyfe early in the season and Kennedy at the end.
  • Bunton’s record down. Since forever, Hadyn Bunton has held the record for the most votes per game, with 1.04. With Nat Fyfe’s 31, however, Fyfe now has 106 votes in 101 eligible games.
    As it turns out, Bunton has a total of 1.0427 votes per game, but Fyfe has 1.0495. Nat Fyfe has broken Bunton’s record…temporarily. He still needs one vote per game for the rest of his career if he wants to keep the lead up. Still, good job, Nat.

And there’s the Statscrunch Brownlow Review. I hope you enjoyed it…



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