The AFL Grand Final Review

(Sorry for the late response, I was just trying to make the most of the last day of school holidays).

Hawthorn has won their third consecutive AFL premiership, beating the West Coast Eagles by 46 points, 16.11.107 to 8.13.61.

I was watching the match, and also tweeting, so here I am making a report of stuff that I noticed.

Retweeted by the AFL Record. I am a lifelong fan of the AFL Record, buying one and filling in the scores for every match I’ve attended since 2009. So, I was looking forward to reading their Grand Final edition. I then tweeted about my plan to fill the scores in for it, and it was retweeted by the people themselves:

Thank you, AFL Recod. Thanks a lot!

Majak Daw takes out the sprint. Majak Daw has become the first North Melbourne player to win the Grand Final sprint, utterly destroying all in his path to win.

In true Usain Bolt style, Daw started off slowly, before overtaking the leader in the middle of the race and then putting on the afterburners to ensure victory.

I'm impressed at Majak for now only being able to run that fast, but to do it in those stupid yellow leggings.

List of clubs by Grand Final Sprint titles

  • 3: Adelaide (Patrick Dangerfield 2011-13), Richmond (Brett Deledio 2005, Jake King 2007, Matthew White 2008), St Kilda (Geoff Ablett 1986, Luke Miles 2009, Rhys Stanley 2010), Hawthorn (Geoff Ablett 1979-1981)
  • 2: Fremantle (James Walker 2003-04), Carlton (Frank Marchesani 1983, Brendon Fevola 2006)
  • 1: North Melbourne (Majak Daw 2015), Geelong (Jordan Murdoch 2014), Melbourne (Russel Richards 1987), Essendon (Doug Cox 1984), Fitzroy (Mick Conlan 1982)

The Luke Hodge goal. Even as a hater of all things Hawthorn (except Cyril Rioli), you had to admire this goal. It takes something special to kick a goal from the boundary line, and it’s even better to do it in a Grand Final. Well done, Hodge.

The Brian Lake smother. Hawthorn certainly got their money’s worth out of the Lake trade. The Hawks gave the Bulldogs picks 21 and 41, while the Dogs gave the Hawks Lake and pick 27, which they on-traded to the Giants. Look at Lake now: triple premiership player and Norm Smith medallist. The Dogs should have asked for more, considering he’s still got plenty left in him if this smother is any indication.

Not quite on the same level as Heath Shaw's 2010 smother, but still pretty good.

David Hale, the final substitute. You must feel pretty upset if you are the final person to fall victim to the sub rule (unlike others, I don’t have that much of a problem with it). David Hale joined the list of people to be subbed off in a premiership side.

Premiership substitutes

  • 2015: David Hale (Hawthorn)
  • 2014: Cyril Rioli (Hawthorn)
  • 2013: Jonathan Simpkin (Hawthorn)
  • 2012: Shane Mumford (Sydney)
  • 2011: James Podsiadly (Geelong)

Cyril Rioli, Norm Smith medallist. This one I can smile about, and smile freely. Cyril Rioli was an utterly deserving Norm Smith medallist, based on his scintillating first quarter. I can raise no qualms about this, so take a bow, Cyril.

That now makes three in the family.

HAWTHORN           5.0  9.3  14.5  16.11 (107)
WEST COAST         1.5  3.8 5.9  8.13 (61)

Gunston 4, Smith 3, Rioli 2, Hodge, Roughead, Birchall, Schoenmakers, Hill, McEvoy, Suckling
West Coast:
McGovern 2, Darling, Hill, Hutchings, LeCras, Shuey, Yeo

Rioli, Mitchell, Smith, Hodge, Gunston, Burgoyne, Frawley
West Coast:
Gaff, Shuey, Butler, Hutchings, Priddis

West Coast:

David Hale replaced by Matt Suckling in the third quarter
West Coast:
Callum Sinclair replaced by Matt Rosa in the third quarter

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Dalgleish, Rosebury, Stevic

Official crowd: 98,633 at MCG


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