Obscure Sport Spotlight: Shin Kicking

Yes, that’s right, it’s a sport. (Apparently.)
Hi everyone, I’m Stezzac, and for my first post to this blog I would like to talk to you about shin kicking, so let’s jump on in to it.

Shin Kicking Overview
The aim of the game is for 2 opponents to grab each other’s collars and kick each other in the shins while trying to force their opponent to the ground. The winner of the round is the first person to knock their opponent to the ground. Shin kicking is generally played in tournament format.

Shin Kicking Equiptment
– Straw (to stuff in your trousers)
– A White Lab Coat (don’t ask, nobody does)
– Soft toe shoes

Shin Kicking Popularity
I have no exact numbers but shin kicking is surprisingly popular is southern England as you will see in the video below it attracts quiet a crowd.

Shin Kicking Video

Final Word
And that is all there is to it. Simple really.
Thanks for reading my first post to Statscrunch, I will be back soon with more obscure sports but in the meantime, enjoy Shin Kicking!