Your Club’s Trade & Free Agency Period Results, Part 1

Well, it’s been a fairly hectic free agency and trade period, with 18 trades and four free agency moves at the time I wrote this.

Now, let’s see how your club’s gone.

Yep, that’s right. Every club given a ranking out of 10.

Here’s the first six clubs


  • In: Dean Gore, pick 9, pick 28 (from Geelong), Curtly Hampton (from GWS Giants), Paul Seedsman (from Collingwood)
  • Out: Patrick Dangerfield, pick 53* (to Geelong, on-traded to Gold Coast, on-traded to North Melbourne), pick 32 (to Collingwood, on-traded to Port Adelaide), second-round pick in 2016 (to GWS Giants)

Well, the loss of Dangerfield is the big one, but that can be recovered. Curtly Hampton has potential, Paul Seedsman was best on ground in the ANZAC Medal, and Dean Gore…well, we no nothing about Dean Gore. Also have two picks in the first round. Not bad, Adelaide. 7


  • In: Josh Walker, Jarrad Jansen (from Geelong), Tom Bell, pick 41 (from Carlton), pick 17 (from West Coast), pick 39 (FA compensation)
  • Out: Jack Redden (to West Coast), Matthew Leuenberger (to Essendon, FA), pick 21, pick 60 (to Carlton), third-round pick in 2016 (to Geelong)

Big names out, not many big names in. It was certainly savvy recruiting to pick up underrated Josh Walker for just a third-round pick next year from overstuffed Geelong, and Tom Bell will go to helping replace Jack Redden. However, needs a ruckman, the loss of Leuenberger was devastating. 5


  • In: pick 21, pick 16 (from Brisbane), first-round pick in 2016 (from Geelong)
  • Out: Lachie Henderson (to Geelong), Tom Bell, pick 41 (to Brisbane)

Two players out, for decent draft picks. Both Lachie Henderson and Tom Bell will need some work to cut it at AFL level, so smart to cut them. There’s always a chance Carlton will stuff their investments in draft picks, though. 3


  • In: Jeremy Howe (from Melbourne), pick 63, second-round pick in 2016 (from St Kilda) pick 68 (from Pt Adelaide)pick 32 (from Adelaide)
  • Out: Paul Seedsman (to Adelaide), Ben Kennedy (to Melbourne), Nathan Freeman, pick 68 (to St Kilda, pick 68 on-traded from Pt Adelaide), pick 32 (to Pt Adelaide, on-traded from Adelaide)

Jeremy Howe is a very valuable asset, but when you realise how much Collingwood has lost, it’s not pretty. Three players, one an ANZAC medallist, the other two players with lots of potential. Not a good period. 3


  • In: Matthew Leuenberger (from Brisbane, FA), pick 25 (from Melbourne), pick 57 (from West Coast)
  • Out: Jake Melksham (to Melbourne), Jonathan Giles, pick 62 (to West Coast)

Not a very active trade period for the Bombers. Leuenberger should be handy, Giles loss won’t be felt. If they make the most of their draft picks, this will benefit the Bombers. Giles listed at his fourth club at the age of just 27 (Port Adelaide 2006-09, 0 games, GWS 2011-2014, 51 games, Essendon 2015, 3 games, West Coast 2016-, 0 games). 5


  • In: Harley Bennell, pick 22 (from Gold Coast)
  • Out: pick 16, pick 35 (to Gold Coast)

Picking up Bennell from the Gold Coast will be a great move, if they can sort out the off field issues. If not, that’s a bit of a bust, unless pick 22’s a legend. 7


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