Your Club’s Trade and Free Agency Period, Part 1 Redone

I’m sorry.

I really should have anticipated the flurry of activity that happened as the trade period drew to a close. I mean, the exact same thing happened last year.

Anyway, I’ve redone Part 1. The changes include less teams (that way I can draw this out for longer), and all of the teams have been updated. Here it is.


  • In: Dean Gore, pick 9, pick 28 (from Geelong), Curtly Hampton (from GWS Giants), Paul Seedsman (from Collingwood), Troy Menzel (from Carlton)
  • Out: Patrick Dangerfield, pick 53 (to Geelong), Sam Kerridge (to Carlton), pick 28 (to Carlton, originally from Geelong) pick 32 (to Collingwood), 2016 round-two pick (to GWS Giants)

The loss of Dangerfield was pretty big, but they have picked up some very nice additions in Hampton, Seedsman, and Menzel. Menzel excites, Seedsman won the ANZAC Medal, and Hampton has potential. Not bad. 7


  • In: Tom Bell, pick 41 (from Carlton), Josh Walker, Jarrad Jansen (from Geelong), pick 17 (from West Coast), pick 26, 2016 round-two pick (from Collingwood), Ryan Bastinac, pick 38, pick 40, 2016 round-three pick (from N Melbourne), pick 39 (FA compensation)
  • Out: Jack Redden (to West Coast), James Aish (to Collingwood), pick 21, pick 60 (to Carlton), pick 17 (to N Melbourne, originally from West Coast), pick 26 (to N Melbourne, originally from Collingwood), 2016 round-three pick (to Geelong), Matthew Leuenberger (to Essendon, FA)

Well, this is an interesting trade period for the Lions. Redden, Aish and Leuenberger are big outs, but they have some handy ins (as well as five picks in a row from 38-42). However, the lack of a ruckman sucks for them. 4


  • In: Sam Kerridge, pick 28 (from Adelaide), Lachie Plowman, Jed Lamb, Andrew Phillips, Liam Sumner, pick 8 (from GWS Giants), pick 11, 2016 round-three pick (from W Bulldogs) pick 19 (from Richmond), pick 21, pick 60 (from Brisbane), 2016 round-one pick (from Geelong)
  • Out: Lachie Henderson (to Geelong), Tom Bell, pick 41 (to Brisbane), Troy Menzel (to Adelaide), Chris Yarran (to Richmond), pick 20, pick 21 (to W Bulldogs, pick 21 originally from Brisbane), pick 28, pick 77, pick 95, 2016 round-one pick (to GWS Giants, pick 28 from Geelong, on-traded to Adelaide)

A flurry of activity, including somehow gaining four players and a round-one pick from the Giants for just four picks. They have lost Henderson, Menzel, and Yarran, all of whom could become pretty good players in time. Not the best from Carlton. 4


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