The Best Sports Team In Melbourne (2015)

Earlier this morning, me and my friends had a discussion. I, as a Melbourne City supporter, brought up Melbourne Victory’s loss to Newcastle to a friend who supports Victory (the same one who told me he’d hack into my email when I sent the crib sheet). At that point, another friend said that Melbourne United was the best, because they were the only Australian club to beat Louisiana State University.

I bought up the fact that it was a different sport, but then that got me thinking: which is the best Melbourne team in a top-level sport?

Sports teams with a home ground based in Melbourne will be counted, and all games at the top level in 2015 will go towards it. (For example, the AFL season will count, whereas the preseason will not.)

We’ll be going sport by sport, and adding them in to the table as they appear.


Nine of the eighteen AFL teams are from Melbourne*, and so we can use these as a benchmark.

Cricket (all forms)

The Victorian Shield team (back half of 2015), the Victorian one-day team (2015 Cup), and the two Big Bash teams, the Stars and Renegades (back half of 2015).

The Melbourne Stars usurp Hawthorn as the most successful team.

Melbourne Victory and Melbourne City are both going to be counted, ignoring the FFA Cup.

Victory slots in between the Hawks and Tigers, City between the one-day Bushrangers and the Magpies

Both rugby codes and basketball

Adding in the rugby teams and, because they were involved in the argument, Melbourne United.

We at Statscrunch appreciate women’s sport greatly, and fully expect it to explode into the mainstream media within the next ten years. Therefore, we’re adding the Victorian WNCL team.**


 Well then, I offer my congratulations to the Melbourne Stars and Victorian Women, as the best teams by a fair way. Let’s see if they can hang on. 
*Geelong is not counted in this.

**When this is updated later, we’ll add both the Melbourne women’s teams in the W-League, and the Melbourne Stars and Melbourne Renegades women’s teams that take part in the WBBL.


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