Statscrunch on the Melbourne Cup

Twenty bucks!

I won twenty bucks in my family’s Melbourne Cup Sweep, after Prince of Penzance took it out at odds of 70-1!

Anyway, there was a load of stuff going on at the Melbourne Cup carnival, so here’s Statscrunch taking a look at it all.

What are the odds?

Prince of Penzance was at $68 at the TAB at the start of the race, meaning a nice collect for anyone who’d backed it. Those are some of the biggest odds ever, although not quite on the 100-1 status of Old Rowley in 1940.

There is, rather amusingly, a tense discussion on Wikipedia about the proper name of the horse. It’s only popped up in the past 24 hours, but there’s been at least five moves of the page between ‘Prince of Penzance’ and ‘Prince Of Penzance’. Personally, I’m going with a lower-case of, but feel free to go to the Wikipedia talk page, which I’ve linked this photo to.

A close Melbourne Cup

Most of the recent Melbourne Cups have been fairly one-sided, with the winner being found fairly easily. Since 2009, only one Melbourne Cup has been closer (2011). This one was decided by just half a length, with Prince of Penzance running in over Max Dynamite.

Payne rocking it

Michelle Payne has become the first female jockey to win, which is incredibly impressive. She took advantage of her speech to try and inspire other female jockeys to get into serious racing, and had a classic response to those who said she might be a better rider if she was a man: “Get stuffed.”

The bush policeman (literally)

Going to the races can take a lot out of people, and it tends for them to go a litte nuts. Sarah Finn, a 24 year old racegoer, decided to get her five minutes of fame, and so she charged at a policeman and pushed him into a bush.

According to the policeman, the only thing injured is his pride.
According to the policeman, the only thing injured is his pride.

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