An Hour Before Stumps – Cricket Poetry

December 30, 5pm, upon the MCG’s
hallowed turf, Australia is eight down ‘gainst the Windies,
The Windies need two wickets to level the series 1-1,
Whilst Australia, to take the lead, needs just forty-six runs.

Standing at the striker’s end, Australia’s pride and joy,
Stands the captain, Steven Smith, Australian cricket’s golden boy,
He’s scored a hundred runs before, but now, a major test,
Can he and Nathan Lyon succesfully knock off the rest?

The Windies fans are cheering, they are cheering for their man,
He’s marking out his run-up. They know he’s got a plan.
He’s a fiery medium pacer from Trinidad and Tobago,
5’ 9″, aged 32, he is the great Dwayne Bravo.

As Bravo starts his run up, he looks Steve Smith in the eye,
The batsman now acknowledges this over’s do or die,
While all cool on the outside, Smith just lets out a smile,
For he knows, whatever happens, he’s going to hit this ball a mile.

The crowd leaps up, ecstatic, Steve Smith’s just hit a four,
And the next ball’s even further…wow, he’s managed to hit six more!
That’s ten runs off the target, with still an hour to play,
They know the Aussies will win the Frank Worrell Trophy today.

But Smith is getting nervous, it’s just the Melbourne heat,
He’s sweating up some buckets and he needs something to eat,
When Bravo’s next ball’s on his stumps, he puts a top edge in,
It flies up, and it’s dutifully caught by Denesh Ramdin.

The Aussies are now silent. This could not get much worse,
Some of the more foul-mouthed supporters are starting to curse,
But the ones with a more level head think it may be all good,
As long as the crease is occupied by JR Hazlewood.

Hazlewood and Lyon slowly chip the runs away,
As the minutes tick past, the Windies think today is not their day.
The umpire, Richard Illingworth, announces that the match
Will end after this over. The West Indies need a catch.

Lyon’s facing Bravo, this will be a stressful ball,
Australia needs just three runs, they may not make any at all.
Bravo bowls a fast-paced ball, it’s going right down leg,
It’s chipped away, and the stadium becomes a powder keg.

The deep backward square leg fielder knows the game rests in his hands,
And if he gets them out, he’ll be hated by Aussie fans,
By the time that the ball gets to him, Australia has run two,
They’re going for the third, the Aussies hope that they’ll come through.

The fielder throws the ball in the direction of Ramdin,
With Hazlewood still striving to make sure his bat is in,
Once Ramdin gets the ball, he looks Hazlewood in the eye,
And smashes the stumps over…the game ends in a tie!


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