The Original 12: Where Are They Now?

The major competition of football in England started in 1888, with the first Football League season. This was won by Preston North End, who were crazy dominant back then. So now, I’ve found out where the original twelve clubs are.

  • Preston North End: At this point, the Lilywhites are currently in 18th for the Championship, having won promotion from League One1 after a playoff earlier this year. They dropped out of the top division in 1961, and haven’t been back since.
  • Aston Villa: They sit last in the Premier League, with one win from fifteen matches. Unless something changes, they will be back in the Championship for the first time since 1988-89.
  • Wolverhampton: The Wolves are 14th in the Championship, not too far away from Preston North End. After the collapse of the 1980s, they have been in the top half of the Championship for the past twenty years, but were in the Premier  League as recently as 2011.
  • Blackburn Rovers: Currently, the Rovers are 13th in the Championship, just above Wolverhampton. It’s not that long since they were in the top division, but won’t go up this year.
  • Bolton Wanderers: Bolton is at the bottom of the Championship this season, with just one win for the year. They’ve been on a steady downward climb since the start of this decade.
  • West Bromwich Albion: This club’s in a good position, currently 13th in the Premier League. They were promoted in 2010, and hold a decent standing. Shouldn’t be relegated.
  • Accrington FC: This club collapsed. They resigned from the Football League in 1892-93 after poor results, played in the Lancashire League, and folded in January 1896. Accrington Stanley FC is unrelated, they’re just from the same town.
  • Everton: Another top-division team. Everton is 11th in the Premier League, currently above WBA, and have been a mainstay in the top division since 1955.
  • Burnley: In the Championship for 2015-16, currently in fifth and on track for the qualification playoffs. They were in the Premier League last season.
  • Derby County: Another Championship club who was in the Premier League recently. They won one game for the entire 2007-08 season, but are third in the Championship and on-track for playoffs.
  • Notts County: They’re on a downwards spiral. In 1992, they were in the Premier League, but had fallen to League Two by 2005. They were back in League One, but were relegated last year. They’re 16th at the moment.
  • Stoke City: Since 1997, Stoke City has been rising upwards, and are tenth in the Premier League, best out of all these.

1Why is it called League One when it’s the third level down in English soccer? That’s weird.


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