quote Random Fact: December 8

In 1994, Barbados and Grenada played a match to qualify for the Caribbean Cup. Barbados needed a two-goal win to qualify, otherwise Grenada would go through. However, a rule had been installed in the tournament that golden-goal extra time would be played for every match that was drawn, and that the golden goal would count double.

In the 83rd minute, Barbados led 2-0, then Grenada scored a goal. This meant that Barbados had to score past the ultra-defensive Grenadians. Their logic was, if they scored an own goal, it would be 2-2, and they could score the winner in extra-time. So they did in the 87th minute.

At this point, the Grenada team was stunned, but they figured something out themselves: if they scored, at either end, they would go through. If they scored a goal, they would win and qualify, and if they scored an own goal, they would have lost, but not by enough to be eliminated. So, for the rest of the match, Grenada tried to score at either end, and Barbados defended both. In the end, Barbados succeeded, and qualified.


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