Rising Pune Supergiants?!

Here’s a hilarious post from Paul Dennett of thesummergame.wordpress.com.


Yesterday, the silliest team name in the history of sport was announced: the Rising Pune Supergiants.

Pleasingly, the team’s logo is equally ridiculous. It’s the sort of design that would be rejected for a Star Trek parody on the grounds that satire needs subtlety not stupidity.image

And it gets better. The name, it transpires, is not the result of a zany marketing department eager for Pune to be noticed in a league already full of Daredevils, Knight Riders and Sunrisers.

No. The good people of Pune have been slugged with this abomination for an even more comical reason. The owner, one Sanjay Goenka, is the son of a bloke called RP Goenka; merge their initials and you get RPSG. This is the name of Sanjay Goenka’s company and Rising Pune SuperGiants was chosen solely because it has the same initials.

Within these constraints, I suppose the chosen name isn’t so…

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