2016 Youth Olympic Games

We’re all excited about the Olympics.

They are the greatest sporting event in the world, and they only come about every four years, making it special.

Unfortunately, we have to wait until August 5th for the Olympics to kick off.

Or do we?

2016_Winter_Youth_Olympics_logo.pngThe Youth Olympic Games were thought up by Austrian industrial manager Johann Rosenxopf in 1998, after he was alarmed at the rising rates of youth obesity. He bought this idea to the IOC, but the initial reaction was negative. They did, however, take his idea and run with it, making it just as much about cultural exchange as about sports. At the 119th IOC session in Guatemala City in 2007 (incidentally, the same session that Sochi was declared host of the Winter Olympics in 2014), the Youth Olympic Games were founded. So far there have been Summer Games in Singapore (2010) and Nanjing (2014), as well as a Winter Games in Innsbruck (2012).

And now, the second Winter Games are occurring in Lillehammer, which also hosted the 1994 Winter Olympics. It’s open to anyone between 14 and 19, with the IOC covering athlete transport costs. It’s proven to be a stepping stone to the Olympics, for Australia at least. Greta Small was the flagbearer at Innsbruck 2012, and two years later, she was competing at five alpine skiing events in Sochi.

And Statscrunch will be bringing you all the news.



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