The Deciding Moment

This match will decide the Premier League.

Two hours from now, the most crucial game of 2015-16 will take place, between a sky blue team running off Middle Eastern oil money, and a dark blue team running off a heck of a lot of passion.

Manchester City v Leicester City.

For the second time this season, Leicester and a Manchester side play in a top two clash. The last time, against United, ended in a 1-1 draw, with Jamie Vardy setting the Premier League record of eleven consecutive games scored in.

That result may be different this time.

Leicester’s three points ahead of City, but behind on goal difference. A City win will swap the two, otherwise, Leicester remains top.

If Leicester win, they’ll be at least five points clear with thirteen games to go. It’s tough, but you can’t imagine Leicester dropping three or four games and going down.

The past twenty Premier League seasons have all been won by United, City, Arsenal, or Chelsea.

All of those clubs are rich. City is backed by Qatari oil gazillionaires, Chelsea by a Russian who’s been involved in every business known to man. United and Arsenal have the advantages of insane numbers of fans, numbers larger than most European countries.

Leicester tickets are some of the cheapest in the league. Not many people go to their games. They can’t pay nine-digit sums for players. Their top ones (like Vardy) hit seven.

If Leicester wins, it will give everyone hope. They will know that small clubs can beat the clubs worth more than your entire town.

So come on Leicester.


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