A World T20 Prediction

URGENT EDIT: I screwed up. I put Afghanistan instead of Ireland.

So, in the image below, just replace AFG with IRL.

Because I forgot about the World T20/am too lazy to do anything more in-depth am pressed for time, I’m only going to make a prediction for my pre-tournament coverage. Not to worry, there’ll be more later, plus tweets. I’ll be picking the results of every match to find out who’ll be lifting the cup in a month’s time.

 world t20 prediction

I predict Ireland to go through from Group A, and Zimbabwe from Group B. In the group stage proper, South Africa and the West Indies will qualify, whilst India and New Zealand will make it from the other group. (Note one win for Australia, and that was a tough decision). In the semi finals, South Africa will beat New Zealand, and the West Indies will beat India and cause an ICC uproar, quickly followed by a format change to ensure at least six games for India to qualify for the finals. South Africa will beat the West Indies in the final on April 3rd to ensure their victory, and become the sixth team to win the title.

Now let’s see how bad my prediction finishes up being.


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