A-League Predictions

There are just four rounds left of the A-League before the finals series. Where did the time go?

The race to win Australia’s number one soccer competition is tighter than ever, with just three points between first and fourth. As seems to happen with things like this, there is always intense speculation on the final results. And I’m adding in my predictions.

But first, I’d like to show you this little chart:

a-league points needed

This chart is a points-needed chart, showing how many points each side needs to achieve a certain thing. For example, Brisbane and the Wanderers would need ten points to guarantee a top two finish and a week off, while assuming all other results go their way, Melbourne Victory needs six points for a top two finish.

And looking ahead at the fixtures for each team, we’ve predicted the results for the last four rounds (assuming every game ends 1-0 or 0-0). Here’s how the table is now (teams in italics will make the finals):

a-league ladder now

And here’s my predicted season end ladder:

a-league ladder predictionThe only change, as far as we’re concerned, will be Perth and Melbourne City swapping over.

So, in week one, Adelaide will host Melbourne Victory, and Perth will host Melbourne City. Unfortunately for Melbourne fans, I predict both to lose, meaning that we’ll be able to spend another off-season arguing about which of our teams is better.

Perth, as the lower-ranked first round winner, goes off to Brisbane, and will lose, while Adelaide will travel to West Sydney and win, setting them up nicely for a final against the Roar. That’s a very close game, but I predict Brisbane to win in extra-time.


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