Can Jack Bag 8 in Tonight’s game?

Sorry about it being late (Easter holiday), but there’s some interesting stats here.

If Jack Riewoldt can kick eight goals in tonight’s game against an inexperienced Carlton team, he will join the legendary Jack Dyer on 443 AFL/VFL goals in equal 6th place on the list of Tiger leading goal kickers. “Captain Blood” as Dyer became known in his later years due to his “crash through” style of play was born just over 100 years ago, and began his football at Yarra Junction before becoming the most famous Richmond player of his era.
Tonight’s match between two of the original VFL clubs features a number of “Top 100 Club Game Players and Goal Kickers” and when you consider that it would take 7 seasons with less than average injuries, suspensions and form losses to make the list of these two clubs who have both played well over 1,000 players during their years’ of existence, that is no mean feat.

Leading the list at Carlton is Kade Simpson who should bring up his 250th game for the club later in the season. Kade currently lies in 16th position on the Carlton games played list, followed by Marc Murphy (32nd), Andrew Walker (39th), Bryce Gibbs (45th) and Michael Jamieson (82nd). Marc Murphy, Andrew Walker and Bryce Gibbs also appear on the Top 100 goal kickers for the Blues.

For the Tigers, the current leading game player, Brett Deledio is missing, but the other 5 top 100 gamers are picked to play: Jack Riewoldt, Shane Edwards, Trent Cotchien, Dustin Martin and Alex Rance. Of the top 100 goal kickers, 5 of the six current players are down to play tonight with Brett Delidio again the one missing. (Alex Rance is not on this list, but Ty Vickery is).

Bachar Houli has yet to make the top 100, but 7 games this year with see him join the logjam of champions tied for 98th place: Fred Burge, John Northey, Bruce Monteath, Maurice Rioli and Jason Torney.


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