Darren Jarman in the hot seat!

With the West Coast’s Josh Kennedy now firmly settled in the AFL Top 100 goal kickers of all time, Darren Jarman now sits nervously in spot 100, looking over his shoulder to see who might deny him an invite to the AFL Top 100 party next year!
The good news is that he might still need the black tie for one more year as Gary Ablett is the closest current day player to him, and Gary still requires 13 goals to pass him. Two others that he may want to keep tabs on: Mark LeCras (34 goals needed) and Tom Hawkins (38 goals behind)

One thing is for certain, he will only get one more wear out of it, at best, at national level but at least he is high enough up the Top 100 in both games and goals for the Adelaide Crows to be on the guest list for many years to come!

A modest total of two goals this weekend would see Matthew Pavlich, Brent Harvey, Eddie Betts, Drew Petrie and Josh Kennedy all improve their standing on the list, and keep them in the “club” for a long, long time.

In the Top 100 game players in the AFL, Matthew Richardson will definitely not being invited to the AFL bash next year as a game player! As soon as Gary Ablett runs onto the ground one more time (and it should be this weekend) Richo – who is currently tied in 100th place with Gazza will slip from the list! At least his 800 goals will ensure that he still gets one invite each year for many more years.


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