Not Much movement at the Top…

Whilst a number of goal kickers scored a couple of goals on the weekend, the stand out was West Coast’s Josh Kennedy who stormed past Mick Conlan, Horrie Clover and Tony Morwood to join Cliff Rankin in 91st position on exactly 400 goals.  Brent Harvey – with his two goals – leap frogged Essendon’s Bill Hutchinson into 54th place on the Top 100 goal kickers of all time. Other notable goal kicking milestones achieved were: Tom Hawkins with 350 goals for Geelong,  Jeremy Cameron who became the first GWS player to pass 200, Alex Fasolo (Collingwood) and Nathan Jones (Melbourne) who both scored their 100th goal on the weekend and Viv Michie who scored his first goal at Melbourne whilst Farren Ray added his first goal at North Melbourne to his achievements at his two former clubs, Western Bulldogs and St Kilda.

Games wise, the top 4 current day players did not change their ranking, but Nick Riewoldt joined Tim Watson on 307, Shane Burgoyne joined Russell Greene on 304, Drew Petrie Joined Luke Power and Don Scott on 302 and Scott Thompson, Sam Mitchell and Jimmy Bartel all progressed further up the ladder.  James Kelly joined four other players in equal 100th position: Matthew Richardson, Gary Ablett, Wayne Schwass and Andrew Bews



  1. Thanks for your interest Kieran. My comments are on Australian Rules Football, a game developed in the late 1800’s in Australia to keep our cricketers fit over winter, but one that now (known as the AFL) has a massive following in all states of Australia.
    Over here, we call your football soccer and it is gaining popularity due to players like Tim Cahill who currently plays for Hangzhou Greentown F.C. in the Chinese Super League but still represents Australia in International matches.

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