Cavs or Warriors? Who will win

Here’s another one of our new contributors, Ben.

Like Sam, Ben is a good mate of mine, and will be helping out with our basketball coverages. I’m paying him $2 for this article.

Why does no one ever pay me for articles?

Anyway, here it is.

This game is going to be a big one. Cleveland Cavaliers take on the Golden State Warriors in the NBA 2016 Playoffs grand final. These two teams have been the best though out the whole series and everyone is hoping and knowing that this series of games will be good. In the Cavs line up you have one of the most well known players and one of best, Lebron James. He is going to play a big part in the game, with his great defence, ball skills, assists and scoring. Along side him, he has 2 big name players as well Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. These three have played together so well for the last two years and have become a good unit. Without all three of them it is hard for the team to win. Kyrie as a point guard and Kevin as a power forward, the movement of the ball gets all over the court and just works.

Now let’s look at Golden state, they have two dominating players, Klay Thompson and Steph Curry. These two players are both good players but one stands out from the other. Klay Thompson is a better player than Curry as he actually passes the ball and can defend as well as shoot, where as on the other hand Curry can not. All Curry can do is shoot and that’s what he’s there for. I’m not going to lie he is a freaky shot, but if you take that away then what is he? His ball handling is pretty average compared to some of the other guards in the league so I don’t understand all the hype over him. He doesn’t deserve MVP as The Warriors would still win without him.

These Teams faced up last year in the grand final playoff and Golden state won. In my opinion the only reason why they won is that the Cavs were missing Kevin love and Kyrie Irvng. I guess we will find out which team is better and deserve this rings in the 2016 NBA Playoffs Grand Final!


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