The Other NBA Finals Preview

With the NBA finals beginning later on today, people have begun making many predictions as to who will win the series. For anyone that’s been living in a rock for the past week, the two teams that will be competing are Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. I’m pretty sure that the team most people are barracking for is GSW with there superstar player Steph Curry. Although Steph has brought all the bandwagoners to The Warriors, the player that might in turn win the series for them is (in my opinion) Klay Thompson. Klay is one of the splash brothers (along side Curry) and, although he doesn’t quite have the three point skills that Steph has, he has become an unstoppable beast. With incredible handles, perfect defence and on point passes, Klay could be the player to bring Golden State to victory. But let’s look at the other side. We’ve talked about GSW enough. Let’s talk about the Cavs. With an amazing team full of superstars and upcoming ballers, I believe that it’s not going to be easy for Golden State to take home the trophy. With Lebron scoring like a machine, Kyrie ankle breaking every player to step in his way and Love getting more boards than points the games to come will be pretty interesting.My predictions for the winner is Golden State making it to game 6.


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