The UEFA Euro 2016 Predictions Post

Five minutes after this is published, the first game of Euro 2016 kicks off in Saint-Denis.

France will take on Romania, and kick off a month-long frenzy of football which will culminate in the crowning of the European champion and the awarding of the Henry Delaunay Trophy, the second most prestigious title in world football.

Thirty-six hours prior to the publication of this, I went through and made my predictions for every single match at this year’s Euros. And, one month and a few hours from now, when we have a new champion, we’ll all see how well/terribly I went.

You can probably skip this first part, which is just the results of 36 group stage games.

group stage 1group stage 2.pngThis is all just needless dreck, so I’ll have to show you the tables these make.

tables 1tables 2(In Group C, Ukraine and Poland are identical. Under the UEFA tiebreak laws, they would have to have a penalty shootout at the end of their match to decide who goes through. In case you’re wondering, it doesn’t actually affect the outcome much.)

And the knockout stage, for your pleasure:

knockout stage.pngSo, we will have Italy make the final, for the second Euro in a row, and Germany will do what Spain did by making a World Cup final, then a Euro final. The result will be…

result.pngSee you on July 11. Hope you have the million waiting.


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