A great game tonight (for ‘stats’ crunchers!)

The AFL game tonight (the first of 4 Thursday night games in a row) between Adelaide and North Melbourne is a great opportunity to recognize the statistical achievements of many of the top players at both clubs.

For starters, the game features four of the Top 100 game players of all time in the VFL/AFL:

Heading the list is No 2 of all time, Brent Harvey who will sneak one game closer to dislodging Michael Tuck from the top position.

Following him is Nick Del Santo, who will move past Terry Daniher, Roger Merrett and Tony Shaw into outright 39th position.

Drew Petrie is the third star in the blue and white stripes of North Melbourne to improve his position. Currently in a cluster with six other players (Gordon Coventry, Adam Simpson, Alistair Lynch, David Neitz, Wayne Schimmelbusch and Paul Williams), tonight’s game will move him one ahead of this pack and into the Top 50, equal in that position with former Essendon star Tim Watson. As two of these players (Wayne Schimmelbusch and Adam Simpson) played all their career at North Melbourne, it also means he will move into 3rd position overall on the club’s Top 100 game players, behind only Brent Harvey and Glen Archer.

The sole current day Adelaide player represented in the AFL’s Top 100 game players is Scott Thompson, currently also in a tie with Sam Mitchell and Jimmy Bartel in 77th position but – after tonight’s game – about to move into a tie with Lenny Hayes and Wayne Campbell in 75th position.

Goal kicking wise, Drew Petrie is the most likely to improve his position in the overall Top 100, as two goals would see him equal with Jason Akermanis is 86th position, whilst both Brent Harvey and Eddie Betts would need a “bag” to move up the ladder from their current positions.

At a club Top 100 Game player level at Adelaide, the most notable improvers will be David McKay, passing Ken McGregor to be equal with Rod Jamieson in 18th position and Rory Sloane who will pass Matthew Robran and Jason Porplyzia to be equal with David Pitman in 24th position.

Meanwhile the Crouch brothers, Matt and Brad will keep alive the chance of being in the club’s Top 100 players by the end of the year (and the chance to party!).

At North Melbourne, Todd Goldstein, Lachlan Hansen, Andrew Swallow and Ben Brown can all improve their standing at the lower end of the table with just one goal.



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