video When Commentators Go Insane

There is nothing in world sport like the unbridled outpouring of joy when your country wins.

For a country like Iceland, these moments have historically been few and far between.

However, their soccer team has been making waves in recent years.

In November 2013, they held Croatia to a 0-0 draw in the first leg of a two-leg playoff for World Cup qualification, but lost 2-0 in the return leg in Zagreb. And in 2015, they became the smallest nation ever to qualify for the UEFA European Championships (the population of the Australian Capital Territory is larger than Iceland’s).

At Euro 2016, Iceland were at odds of 150 to 1, but impressed with a 1-1 draw against Portugal and another against Hungary. But when they beat Austria 2-1 with a 94th minute winner from Arnór Ingvi Traustason, the entire country, as well as millions more outside it, celebrated wildly, and none of them celebrated better than Gudmundur Bendiktsson, otherwise known of as Gummi Ben:

To those wondering, here’s a translation, according to Reddit user jujihai:

Everything’s open! Theódór Elmar! Is he alone on their side of the field? Three on two! Emmi [short for Elmar]! Inside the box! Inside the box! Emmi! YEEEEEES! YEEEEEES! YEEEEEES! YEEEEEES! YEEEEEES! YEEEEEES! We are winning! We have qualified to the 16 team final! We have qualified to the 16 team competition! We are winning Austria! The voice is gone, but that doesn’t matter, we have qualified! Arnór Ingvi Traustason! Just scored! Iceland two, Austria one! What a moment! What a moment! What! The referee has called the game, and I have never, I have never felt this good! Arnór Ingvi Traustason guarantees us the first win in the Euros! We have never lost, don’t forget that, we have never lost but the first win is a fact! Iceland two, Austria one. Thanks for coming Austria, thanks for coming!

Fortunately for us all, Ben will be commentating on the England v Iceland game in the round of 16.

EDIT: I got a view from Iceland earlier today (June 24th). Might be because of this post. Thanks, Iceland!


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