Tonight’s Game: Geel v Sydney – All the Stats

There is a lot of interest in tonight’s game from a stats point of view, as it features not only Kieran Jack’s 200th (which places him equal 23rd on the Swans’ all time list with Stuart Maxfield), but two of the all time Top 100 players and one of the Top 100 goal kickers and one of each (game player and goal kicker) destined to reach the upper echelon.
Interestingly, both long established and successful clubs have 7 players within the Top 100 game players playing tonight and one goal each will see three players move up the goal kicking lists:
A quiet achiever on the Geelong list is Andrew Mackie. Whilst Corey Enright, Jimmy Bartel and Tom Hawkins will all move tonight within 3 games of significant milestones, he will move to equal 15th position on the all time Geelong list with club legend Bill Goggin.
Other game milestones at Geelong are:
Tom Lonergan passing Les Armstrong and Jack Williams and joining Rod Blake and Tim Darcy in equal 58th position at Geelong.
Harry Taylor passing Stephen King and joining Dick Grigg in 43rd position.
Amongst the goal kickers, one goal will see Steven Motlop pass Cameron Ling and Bruce Lindner, Mitch Duncan equal Bill Kuhlken and Edward Baker,and Josh Kennedy pass Brett Kirk and equal Graham John.


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