What a start to Round 17!

Round 17 gets underway tomorrow night with a blockbuster between No 1 and No 2 on the ladder, and a close up look at the players taking part in tomorrow night’s match. Despite the long histories and successful years of the two clubs (Hawthorn & Sydney) it is surprising to note that 50% of Hawthorn’s team (11 of the 22 players) playing tomorrow feature in the Top 100 game players for the club of all time! If Liam Shiels had not suffered an injury last week, this figure could have been 12 of the 22 players.
In addition 9 of the 22 also feature in the Top 100 goal kickers of all time – generally mirroring the game players but with Jack Gunston making the goal kicking list, but not yet the games played list and game players Grant Birchall, Josh Gibson, Liam Shiels and Ben Stratton missing the goal kicking list.
The Swans – with even more history – are not far behind with 8 of the Top 100 game players of all time playing in the match, and 8 of the all time goal kickers still playing at the club, although Kirk Tippett will not be playing. Along with Tippett, Lance Franklin and Luke Parker have yet to make the games played list, and Ted Richards, Heath Grundy and Nick Smith are unlikely to break into the goal kicking list.
When they take the field, the following players will achieve gameĀ milestones:
Grant Birchall will pass Jarryd Roughead and equal premiership captain Graham Arthur in 16th place on the list.
Cyril Rioli will pass Alec Albiston and join former coach Peter Schwab in 46th position.
Shaun Burgoyne will reach the Top 60 Hawthorn game players of all time, passing Daniel Harford and joining Gary Buckenara.
Josh Gibson will equal Kevin Heath.
Ben Stratton will pass Bob Keddie and Leo Murphy and equal Neil Pearson and Leon Rice.
Luke Bruest is only one game behind Stratton, so this week will equal Bob Keddie and Leo Murphy.
Ted Richards will pass Jack Graham and move into outright 17th position at the Swans.
Keiran Jack will pass Stuart Maxfield.
Nick Smith will pass Peter Reville and David Murphy and join Ian Roberts in 52nd position.
Ben McGlynn will equal Norm Goss, Graham Teasdale and Leon Higgins.
Luke Parker will make it 9 current day game players in the Top 100 at Sydney, joining a cluster of players (Jim Cameron, Bill Faul, Reg Richards, John Garrick and Paul Williams) in 99th position.


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