Did Your Team Reach A Pass Mark?

During my group by group previews over a month ago, I came with a pass mark for each team at the tournament. Now the tournament is done, it’s time to see whether they succeeded.

  • France: From a neutral perspective, making the final is a great success, however, French fans will be disappointed they didn’t go all the way.
  • Romania: A 1-0 loss to Albania in the group stage means they go home winless, and last.
  • Albania: Considering they got a win, it’s pretty good for the team who were lucky to qualify.
  • Switzerland: Qualifying from Group A was expected, but they reached their goal. Pity about the penalties against Poland.1
  • England: An utter, utter disaster. Undefeated in qualifying, one win at the main tournament, and looked like headless chooks in the famed Iceland game.
  • Russia: Nothing needs to be said. Terrible.
  • Wales: This tournament could hardly have gone better for them. Out of all the teams, they were probably furthest above expectations.
  • Slovakia: Made the knockout stage, which is what they would have aimed for.
  • Germany: By any standards, a semi final is a good tournament. Like with France, there will be some grumpy Germans.
  • Ukraine: Should be disappointed in their performance, and rightly so.
  • Poland: Certainly played well in the group stage, and then got lucky one match and unlucky the next. A satisfactory tournament.
  • Northern Ireland: I thought they’d do well to score. To win, and make the knockout stage, means that this was no doubt a success.
  • Spain: Would have wanted to do better.
  • Czech Republic: Not a very good tournament. Goal of quarter finals, actuality of last in the group.
  • Turkey: Would be mildly disappointed in their performance.
  • Croatia: Probably the only team from group D that  could actually be happy with their performance. Topping a group and almost pushing Portugal to penalties was pretty good.
  • Belgium: Probably on par, but would have wanted to beat Wales.
  • Italy: Slightly less than what they would have wanted, but we’re nitpicking here.
  • Republic of Ireland: The goal was to get a point, and they did better than that, upsetting Italy. Top notch.
  • Sweden: Disappointing, to say the least.
  • Portugal: Come on. They won the tournament, what do you think that is?
  • Iceland: I wrote the following in the preview:

    Get a point, show the world they’re not the minnows they once were.

    They certainly did that, didn’t they?

  • Austria: They failed both criteria, make the round of sixteen and don’t be “that team that lost to Iceland”.
  • Hungary: Hungary finished top of the group, a great success.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know.

1For a footballing tongue twister, try saying “Pity Portugal powered past Poland on penalties” five times fast.


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