A big weekend for the current day Top 100 players?

This weekend could see 9 of the current Top 100 game players, and 6 of the current Top 100 goal kickers all improve their standing if they play, and kick up to 3 goals.
The game players that miss out are Brent Harvey (how could he improve his standing!?), Matthew Pavlich, Nick Riewoldt and Shuan Burgoyne.
Corey Enright will join John Nicholls and Barry Round as he continues to climb the list, Nick Dal Santo will claim outright 38th position on the list, and Drew Petrie will join Terry Daniher, Roger Merrett and Tony Shaw in 42nd position on the all time list.
Scott Thompson and Sam Mitchell (who escaped suspension last week) will move into the Top 60 of all time, joining Michael O’Laughlin and Chris Langford.
Jimmy Bartel will join Luke Power and Don Scott in 62nd position, James Kelly will join Peter Everitt in 86th position, and Gary Ablett and Brendon Goddard will move into the Top 90 alongside Barry Hall, Michael Voss, Stuart Maxfield and Barry Davis.

Amongst the goal kickers, Lance Franklin, Matthew Pavlich, Stevie J and Josh Kennedy would need a stand out day to climb higher up the rankings, but 1 goal would see Brent Harvey level with Peter Sumich (52nd) and Eddie Betts equal with Collingwood great Alby Pannam.
Two goals would see Travis Cloke equal Billy Brownless and Drew Petrie equal Gary Lyon, and
Three goals would see the Riewoldts (Nick and Jack) equal Bob Pratt and Jeff Farmer respectively.


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