2016 AFL Club Team Stats

Carlton and Collingwood

The current state of these two once great teams can be ascertained by looking at the current players who appear in the Top 20 game and goal record holders.

Carlton have only one, Kade Simpson who after an excellent season in which he finished 2nd in the club’s best and fairest finished the year #8 on the games played ladder.  Of the six other players who hold Top 100 positions, two (Andrew Walker and Michael Jamison) have retired.

In terms of goals kicked, Marc Murphy is the highest current day goal kicker in the lowly 41st position. (I wonder what the club thinks about the success of two of the most prolific goal kickers now “flying” at other clubs?)

Collingwood does not fare much better, with the current #8 on the games played list (Dane Swan) now gone and the #13 Travis Cloke going, it will be up to #16 on the list (Scott Pendlebury ) to fly the flag into the future.

It is a similar story amongst Collingwood’s goal kickers with #7 Travis Cloke going and #28 Dane Swan gone, Scott Pendlebury does not even make the Top40!



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